Inverlla Inverted Umbrella – Charcoal Black


STURDIER THAN REGULAR UMBRELLAS: Thanks to its inverted design, the Inverlla is a lot sturdier than traditional umbrellas, making it far more durable and reliable. The Inverlla is covered with water-repellant pongee, a high-quality fabric known for its longevity, and has fibre-glass ribs and a rust resistant shaft, meaning this is an umbrella that will never let you down. The Inverlla also offers top-class UV protection.

HANDS-FREE, C-HOOK HANDLE: The ergonomic design of the Inverlla leaves you hands-free, which means you can walk your dog while texting, hold bags and bags of shopping—whatever you want, but all while staying completely dry!

INSIDE-OUT, DRIP-FREE DESIGN: In a unique twist on the traditional umbrella, the Inverlla opens from the inside out, preventing you and people around you from getting wet when you close it. Because of the inverted design, all the rain stays in the interior of the umbrella, which means no more wet clothes or car seats!

RESISTANT TO THE STRONGEST WINDS: The toughest of storms are no match for the Inverlla with its aerodynamic design. Say goodbye to umbrellas that flip inside-out just when you need them the most! The vented design and solid build of the Inverlla mean you don’t have to worry about gusts of wind when you’re out and about. And if the storms of all storms hits and it does flip inside out, no worries! Simply flip it back with the push of a handily-situated button.

KEEPS YOU 100% DRY: The Inverlla does what umbrellas are supposed to do; it keeps you dry, 100% of the time. This is down to its sturdy design and the fact that you can rely on it to stay in position at all times. And when you do close it, the water stays put inside the umbrella. Genius!

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